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About MXCuBE3

MXCuBE3 is the latest version of the data acquisition software MXCuBE. It is developed as a web application and runs in any recent browser. The application is built using standard web technologies and does not require any third party plugins to be installed in order to function. Being a web application, it's naturally divided into a server and client part. The communication between the client and server are made using HTTPS, SSL/TLS encrypted HTTP, and all traffic is consequently encrypted (including video). The traffic passes through the conventional HTTPS ports so there should not be any need for special firewall or proxy settings to get the application to work.

More information about how to use MXCuBE for your experiment can be found here


We are working on 30-60 seconds long per feature help videos, that will be available here. They are not ready yet, but we do have some demo videos that you can look at in the meantime. The version of MXCuBE3 running on the beamline you are using might be of a more recent version than then one used in the videos so there might be some smaller differences in the layout.


Mesh Scan



We are doing our out must to ensure that the software and the equipment on the beamline are functioning flawlessly. There is an entire eco-system of software and equipment involved in the experiment, an error somewhere might propagate and unfortunately cause a fault. There are a few things you can do as a user to recover from a bad state. The application works on any recent browser, we however recommend Chrome.

Application is slow

The application might get slow if there is lots of data in the client that are not properly cleared. Pressing F5 or the browsers refresh button often solves this.

Can't navigate from one page to another or can't get login screen to appear

The browser sometimes caches an old version of the client which is incompatible with the current backend, pressing SHIFT F5 in Chrome or SHIFT R in Firefox reloads the page without using cash.

A Error message with a red background appears

This means that there was a serious problem on the server, it is often possible to continue using the application. Its however recommended to take a careful look in the log or call the local contact to get help to find out why the message is appearing. The problem can sometimes, unfortunately, only be solved by logging out, restarting the server and then logging in again once the server has started.

Video is black or flickers

It is unusual but it does happen that the video goes black or starts flickering, the video stream can be re-initialized by clicking on reset in the "video size" drop-down, found in the video controls menu.

Need further help ?


Help us improve the application by sending a mail with your ideas or comments to the feedback mail. You can also contact your local contact or use the feedback mail in case you encounter an issue.